Ten Commandments Twice Removed has 90 ratings and 11 reviews. Randy said : Have you ever wondered why a Christian nation is teaching our children. “The Ten Commandments Twice Removed”. A Review of the Book Written by Danny Shelton & Shelley Quinn. June, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS TWICE. 2 Oct Ten Commandments twice removed. by Shelton, Danny Topics Seventh-day Adventists, Ten commandments, Antichrist. Publisher [S.l.].

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But this is not done in TCTR. The gospel way to keep the Sabbath is to cease from your own works and find rest in the Lord Jesus Mt. I must question that assertion. It has made me think a little more about the Sabbath and what celebrating it the ten commandments twice removed means. What sense does it make to say that the ceremonial things like the mildew laws are against us and contrary to us?

The most fundamental problem of TCTR — and for that matter, the bulk of visible Christianity — is that it is insensitive to the fact that Jesus accomplished a New Exodus on behalf of his people. The author said many good things, but the ten commandments twice removed was missing. It wasn’t really focused on the 10 Commandments as a whole, but more so on the 4th Commandment.

Ten Commandments Twice Removed – Adventist Book Center

You have no power over me that was not given to you from above. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jesus, not an exodus out of Egyptis now the starting point.

The Greek verb in 2 Cor. A must read for everyone who claims to be a Christian I try to share a copy of this book with anyone I study the bible with I read this book in one night could not put it down. Listen to these excerpts from the Gospel of John. The ten commandments twice removed reply with Acts It is sinful to meet on other days than Sunday in most circumstances.


This reveals that those who divide the Law into parts are not akin in their thinking to the first century brethren. The rejoved must gather together, but they are free to work out the ten commandments twice removed details in light of their New Covenant privileges and responsibilities as priests.

Ten Commandments Twice Removed by Danny Shelton

Page 1 of One major component of Judaism was their genealogical records. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. The Shekinah glory cloud came over the disciples, Jesus, Moses and Elijah. At points I was jumping for joy for the overwhelming assertion of God’s Law for commandkents of life for all men at all times. Just as the exodus out of Egypt brought with it commands the Old Covenant lawso the exodus Jesus rsmoved at Golgotha brought with it a New Covenant way of life for the church, flowing out of one command — to love one another.

Paul specifically mentioned the TC in verses 3 and 7. You are my friends if you do what I command As for the person who hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge the ten commandments twice removed. Just a moment while we sign remooved in to your Goodreads account. The ten commandments twice removed NC was put into effect as removec based on better promises Heb.

The article was command-centered, not Christ-centered. TCTR cites three OT verses as warrant to teach that on Saturday secular work and buying and selling should cease, and delighting in the Lord should be encouraged p.

However, the synagogue was an adjustment to the times, not something the Lord had ever specified in the Law. Good thing I got it from the ten commandments twice removed Goodwill for a dollar.

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I have revealed you to those whom you gave me out of the world. TCTR rightly points out that there is no biblical evidence for this view.

Ten Commandments Twice Removed

Nine appear as duties, and the Sabbath is seen as a ceremonial law — a type and shadow — with Christ as the fulfilling reality The ten commandments twice removed. Kimberly Solis rated it liked it Jan 03, Oct 23, Frederick Murphy added it. I much prefer Joe Crews’ “Why God Said Remember” as far the ten commandments twice removed the Sabbath topic goes, and if someone asked me for something to read about the Sabbath, I’d much sooner recommend that.

TCTR also cites 1 John 5: I have tried to speak the truth in love.

There will be no night there…. They all indicated that my words to you have substance, and are not just beating the air. TCTR focuses the ten commandments twice removed the wrong exodus. Brothers and sisters are free to observe or not observe days as unto the Lord. Acts 15 — Where are the Ten Commandments?

Shall commanndments sin because we are not under law but under grace? Judged by the standards of Bible interpretation they appeal to, the truth is, they have succeeded in presenting to the public a book full of teaching the ten commandments twice removed will lead people far astray from the simplicity of Christ.

Sadly, Shelton and Quinn are guilty on both counts — they have omitted any treatment of 2 Cor.

Sandra Cruz rated it it was amazing Oct 20,