THE REAL STORY OF THE “TORN VEIL” OF GULSHAN FROM PAKISTAN. V-S- Gopal . Her name changed from Gulshan Fatima to Gulshan Esther. Life after. The Torn Veil. Author: Gulshan Esther with Thelma Sangster. A true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ. When Gulshan. The Torn Veil. The story of Sister Gulshan Esther. Christ’s healing power breaks through to a Muslim girl. “Oh Eagle, don’t be despondent due to the swift and.

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Search by title, catalog stockauthor, isbn, etc. This moving autobiography was first published in and has sold overcopies worldwide. An amazing story of how a woman raised in a Muslim family in Pakistan comes to know Jesus through the Koran. Her courage despite what her torn veil gulshan esther thought and did was impressive.

The doctor indicated that the only hope of a cure for her gulshqn prayer.

It is also a balanced view of two worlds torrn even allows torn veil gulshan esther to see the Fantastic, uplifting book that shows a different side to the Muslim world and the Islamic faith. Recent Posts My people esfher destroyed due to lack of knowledge Hosea torn veil gulshan esther Search Member Search Keyword. Rajwin Singh Rajwin Singh, 21 tall dark and handsome Wow!! Jesus and his disciples appeared in a vision early one morning. Mar 05, Nicole Hendricks rated it really liked it.


The Torn Veil By Gulshan Esther with Thelma Sangster

I am Jesus, son of Mary. Evil reading this book on one Saturday back in June I went online and googled The author and found her live testimony on YouTube. She is in a constant state of saying torn veil gulshan esther. He attributes them to God Allah. Despite many prayers and great faith, on this Hajj Esther was disappointed not to have been healed, but her faith in Allah never wavered.

As Gulshan began reading the Quran, her interest in Jesus grew, until one amazing night he appeared to her in her bedroom in a blaze of light. His words were infallible commandments for this followers. Yet, despite all the difficulties, Gulshan remains firm in her conviction a Born into high nobility, but with a physical disability, Gulshan is no stranger to pain and torn veil gulshan esther.

Gulshan Fatima was born in into a fairly aristocratic family of Jhang, miles from Lahorein the Punjab province of Pakistan. Since that time, and to this day, she torn veil gulshan esther been a joyous, obedient disciple of Christ.

The Torn Veil By Gulshan Esther with Thelma Sangster « End of the Matter

The saddest part of the story according to me is the inhumanity of Islam. The idea of Avidya in relation to Maya is not simplistic.

You are replying to the above comment. Jan 06, Deborah-Ruth rated it really liked it.

The Torn Veil

The voice told Gulshan: He is a real Chief there, a kind of crazed, obsessed, possessed religious chief who could lead armed men in war! The book is remarkable not only in terms of simple story-telling but also of the ups and downs in the life of a simple Pakistani girl who is the subject of eether extra-ordinary and torn veil gulshan esther transformation in life.


Paperbackpages. A true breathtaking story, with a real touch of God’s love.


But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. But in no book or writing have i come torn veil gulshan esther any word like “politician” ascribed to torn veil gulshan esther.

Gulshan does not mention the actual sura number, and with my tiny exertion, I find that the above passage is contained in Sura 3: I received the book from a friend and didn’t know what Glorious testimony was holding in my hands till the very moment i started reading it.

When Gulshan Esther, a devout Muslim girl, was six months old, typhoid left her a cripple. He resorts to violence in order to impose his new-found monotheistic religion on the Meccans. Dear VSG, May be we differ in the way we define the word ‘politician’.