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It is set to distances from listener according to Sony manual.

Its 16V 47uf and its right by the inputs. Level menu has no volumes for L and R but the remote has 2 volume controls. Can you post the schematic or at least the board layout so we can upc2581v datasheet along? Thanks for finding the ICs, I don’t think anything else was changed except some mosfets on the controller board. Hello, I just upc2581v datasheet into a similar problem relays have been upc2581v datasheet for weeks, now at last no sound at all, but no “protection” but I’m an eletronics greenhorn and thus sitting in front of the open receiver and not knowing what to do.

Discussion in ‘Electronic Repair’ started by re yahoo. Get Sony part; problem goes away and stays away.

UPC Datasheet –

No earlier symptoms, no prior intermittants. Welcome upc2581v datasheet, Sign in. You have to turn the volume up to 20 or 30 to get a decent level which seems wrong.

I checked them for obvious shorts, like upc2581v datasheet heatsinks and nothing. Different speakers do the same thing so its not just the 1 speaker.


If not, then check with ohmmeter or just replace it. Upc2581v datasheet they getting hot since resolder?

Sony STR-DB930 in Protect mode

Better pictures are coming. I was thinking I needed to go out and buy a Powerball ticket. Seller Service On-time Delivery Catasheet you do upc2581v datasheet receive your purchase within 39 days, you can ask for a full refund before order upc2581v datasheet when you click ‘Confirm Order Received’ or exceed confirmation timeframe. I’m testing with 2 8ohm 75 watt speakers. I’ll go back and put a heat sink onthe upc Fx, Oct 31, The left channel seems to be quieter than all of the others.

I don’t know if the upc2581v datasheet called “service manual” is just schematics and nothing else.


If anyone upc2581v datasheet offer a few starting points to assist me in diagnosing the fault that would be great. Zacharias, Nov 1, Give that a shot first and upc581v that doesn’t work post back. What IC is getting hot?

Or at least a proper resistive load. Wizard sent me to this site for my Panasonic parts because of fakes. Inject a steady tone into it from your computer upc2581v datasheet card I think upc2581v datasheet is a free tone generator on the Internet somewhere the name slips ddatasheet mind at the moment. Yes, ICs were upc2581v datasheet disconnected as if someone had used a desoldering tool on them.

When I adjust it all the way to one side, its still quiet. Page 1 of 2. If an IC was dead I figure it would go into protect. upc2581v datasheet


I got the service manual. Sony puts out some damn fine manuals, eh? What should be the upc2581v datasheet reading be on the input to the speaker output relay?

Or, you can choose to keep the product and agree the refund amount datasheft with the seller. I should upload it here. After that, you up2c581v post your question and our members will help you out. Some damn assholes scoop them up and resell them to unsuspecting people. I looked inside and some ICs are disconnected. My upc2581v datasheet was agape! There is also a cap I’m suspicious of. Don’t know if I should get new drivers for the upc2581v datasheet or upc2581v datasheet I should replace some of the output ICs.

That means staying away from fleabay and googled suppliers no matter how tempting their prices may be. Upc2581v datasheet ICs are the scammers favorites all you can do to protect yourself is order from major suppliers that have accounts and order directly from the component manufacturer. Any idea of what it could be. When in protect mode, what is the nominal voltage reading that should be on the external speaker connection points? Up-Down Converters upc2581v datasheet Downconverter.

See if any parts appear missing.

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