Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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Father Legba, we are here. There was a table piled with more gingerbread, a basket of dried herring, bonbons, islanx candy, a five-gallon jug of clairin already half emptied.

The Magic Island

The things he wanted to do, he did without being ordered, and they were many. I felt uncomfortable william seabrook the magic island reading the book, but it really made me think about how racism is inherent in a lot of western art and culture.

Want to Read saving…. The author’s West Indian mail boat lay at anchor in a tropical green willian. Learn how your comment data is processed. If Maman Celie, her face still like a terrible, inspired mask, bestowed one fleeting glance on either body, I did not see it. He began gradually to give me confidences. While the IMDb says only: Papa Legba, ouvri barriere pour li passer!

Retrieved from ” https: They dig up the body for which they have come and carry it away with them. It was to be used also, she told me, in the special ceremonial that would occur when I was finally william seabrook the magic island into the liout7ifort to face certain of the ultimate Voodoo mysteries.

By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. After it is a truly rare thing for a year to pass by completely undisturbed by the walking dead. What, after all, were they doing here in these final scenes, when formal ritual had.

And it was for this reason, I realized, that Rafael would surely have attacked me had I lsland leapt from the table at his last command.

His is not a household name, and is rarely spoken, yet it is through the continued fascinated invocation of william seabrook the magic island name altogether that we unknowingly evoke his legacy: The needles are placed between twigs from the william seabrook the magic island of the bois chica tree, whittled smooth and straight, and then wound round with thread.

Cover to The Magic Island by William Seabrook, | Anomalies: the Strange & Unexplained

From this dim, somewhat sinister antechamber we passed through an open doorway into the long, rectangular mystery room, the temple proper, which william seabrook the magic island lighted with candles william seabrook the magic island primitive oil lamps that flickered like torches. It seemed, as nearly as I could gather, that Louis in his childhood islannd for a time attended parish school, and that sebarook amiable priests, de- spairing of teaching him to read and write, but hearing him often singing and doubtless influenced unknowingly by his kinship with fauns and angelshad given him the old flute and taught him to play it.


Rings and bracelets which were too small to be pushed on his fingers or williiam his hands were strung together on a cord and hung round his neck. Despine pushed back his chair preparatory to arising.

I suppose nine-tenths of what one thinks one sees in any material phenomenon, shocking or the reverse, lies not pri- marily in the visual impression, but in the contributory psychology. True, it becomes the symbol not of the God but rather of one god among many, and this in the eyes of some will con- stitute, I suppose, an almost equally deplorable sacrilege. The Lady of Shalott gazed in her crystal mirror to behold scenes far away, and that was william seabrook the magic island now we experiment with Television, and that is science.

Cover to The Magic Island by William Seabrook, 1938

It has been william seabrook the magic island to all religions during periods of deep, mystical faith. He was surprised that I should have heard of it.

In the s, Seabrook traveled to West Africa and came across a tribe who partook in the eating of human meat. He felt, as time passed, that I understood him. The muscles of his black neck and shoulders swelled like those of a gorilla, his clenched, rigid hands came up slowly to- ward my throat, like those of a william seabrook the magic island, trembling au- tomaton, and he said hoarsely, in creole: The circles, it was afterward explained to me, represented, from I left to right, earth, sky, and sea.

I saw the chicken getting cold. There were half a dozen thatch-roofed buildings in the cleared compound; the little community was ruled by Maman Celie and Papa Theodore, her vener- able, less active husband; its members were their grown sons and daughters, their grandchildren naked from baby- hood to puberty, playing in the sunshine among the pigs 28 THE PETRO SACRIFICE 29 and goats; the oldest son, Emanuel, was past forty; the youngest unmarried daughter, Catherine, was sixteen.

Then he presented to it a green, leafy branch to eat. We entered through the always-open doorway in which no door had ever hung. The immediate result was that we three went to another caille about a quarter of a mile distant, to lay the matter before a man named Dieron, who was a hougan, a sort of Voodoo high priest in the district.

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And Kebreau, not content with sending a truck with a half dozen gendarme privates aboard, also a mechanic, also spades, tackle, and a thermos bottle full of coffee, came out himself in a touring-car to condole us and lend a hand. The peacock had been given us by Major Davis, but it was not aware that it belonged to us; it fol- lowed Louis about as if he were its mate.

Names again, tags, labels. It seemed mildly humorous, rather. Ogoun Badagris, will you devour my flesh, william seabrook the magic island leave my bones for the morrow?

The Magic Island (1929)

It was impossible to retain them all in memory. His pleas were whim- pering, simple, yet full of terrified emotion. He would never clean up william seabrook the magic island garden, burn brush, carry stones, but during the first week he anticipated our intentions by appearing with vines and flowers for transplanting, the earth still clinging to their roots, which he had got from God knows where.

It was only by chance that we came presently to a subject which — though William seabrook the magic island re- fused for a long time to admit it — lies in a baffling category on the ragged edge of things which are beyond either super- stition or reason.

Seabrook went on to write a story based on the experience and to recount the experiment in Witchcraft: For in- stance, there was the matter of our small sedan.

Something had got inside me. There was additional light from a smoking tin lamp fastened to a post which supported the roof. Its Power in the World Today Exactly how accurate the book is, william seabrook the magic island a separate issue. Constant Polynice and I sat late before the doorway of his caille, talking of fire-hags, demons, werewolves, and vam- pires, while a full moon, rising slowly, flooded his sloping cotton fields and the dark rolling hills beyond.

They exist to an extent that you whites do not dream of, though evidences are everywhere under your eyes. Nothing in william seabrook the magic island book is This is a really good book if you are in to travel literature type stuff. Life and the forces of life remain shrouded in eternal mystery.