called “Wipe Out Herpes With BHT” by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes. It can be purchased from the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute for $6 at. Wipe Out Herpes with BHT: The Amazing Substance that Also Improves the Health and Beauty of Skin, Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer, and. 13 Jan BHT seems to work against such viruses by disrupting their viral in Menlo Park, California and co-author of Wipe Out Herpes with BHT.

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Fowkes and staff of the MegaHealth Society. Other animals have different numbers of chromosomes. But what about liver toxicity? Several scholarly publications listed here discuss various essential oils and their anti-viral properties.

Roger looks pretty healthy to me these days, but I phoned him anyway to press him for details on his BHT experience. Instead of guessing at what might be wrong, let us help you discover what is really going on inside your body based on the many clues it is giving.

Scientists call herpes a lipid-enveloped virus because of the fat lipid found in the outer shell or coat. Like herpes simplex, NDV the virus that causes Newcastle disease is lipid-enveloped — its nucleic acid core is sheathed in a fatty membrane. A paper published bhy the journal of science over 25 years ago, presents research that BHT butylated hydroxytoluene could inactivate herpes simplex HSV-1 and HSV-2 and other lipid coated viruses in ouh dishes 1.

They can then study whether whole viruses disintegrate in response to an antiviral agent.

The BHT Book by Steven Fowkes (free!)

Friday, November 9, According to the World Health Organisation Jan ; an estimated 3. The Journal of Infectious Hedpes 1pJuly BHT butylated hydroxytoluene also eliminates the binding proteins that the virus uses to pierce through cell membranes. Ot many cases however, it is awakened periodically by changes in body chemistry due to stress, diet, illness, weakened immune system, menstruation, overexposure to sunlight, or other causes. Lipid — Containing Bacterial Viruses: Such preexisting additives and preservatives do not need to be disclosed on labels.

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Sciencep SciencepApril 4, BHT butylated hydroxytoluene is a synthetic food preservative that is widely used in the US to prevent rancidity in fat-containing foods, such as breakfast cereals, baked goods, her;es chips, pork sausage, peanut butter, instant potatoes, and other commercially prepared foods. Type 2 diabetes, obesity may soon be reversed with gene therapy.

Natural Herpes Relief Oil: Oil of Mercy

Genital herpes that is caused by HSV-1 generally occurs infrequently, can have mild symptoms that go unrecognised. Whether or not these mechanisms are applicable to living animals has not been determined. We use cookies for traffic analysis, advertising, and to provide the best user experience Learn more. Lipid-enveloped viral diseases are among the most difficult diseases to treat.

He gave me BHT mg take two a day and Treated me with Hypericum and another pellet for hemmroids upon taking the Hypericum I felt 60 timez better and I made the trip back home to south KC. Herpes has a lipid envelope, meaning the virus has a nuclear acid core and is coated with a fatty membrane. For HSV treated with three antimembrane agents-butylated hydroxytoluene, acridine plus near UV radiation, or ether-the plaque development time is the same as for untreated viruses.

BHT butylated hydroxytoluene works against the virus by disrupting the lipid membranes, in turn making them vulnerable to the immune system and damaging their ability to penetrate human cells. BHT hepes to work against such viruses by disrupting their viral membranes. Posted by admin on Jan 13, in Health 1 comment. The ojt of people that have oral herpes is vastly higher. Melissa officinalis essential oil was phytochemically examined by GC—MS analysis, its main constituents were identified as monoterpenaldehydes citral a, citral b and citronellal.


Herpes Associates with Nerve Ganglia.

BHT’s Use as an Antiviral | Delano Report

These results indicate that Melissa oil affected the virus before adsorption, but not after penetration into the host cell, thus lemon balm oil is capable of exerting a direct antiviral effect on herpesviruses.

Not all viruses are lipid enveloped.

Scientists cannot easily distinguish between viral fragments that are a natural product of inefficient viral replication and viral fragments that are produced by BHT disruption of intact viruses. Steve Fowkes was unequivocal in his judgment. Once infected, the herpes virus inserts itself into our DNA and becomes, essentially, a part of our genes.

The inhibitory activity against herpes simplex virus type 1 HSV-1 and herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2 was tested in vitro on monkey kidney cells using a plaque reduction assay. Health problems rarely occur in isolation or for obvious reasons. The correct dose differentiates a poison from a remedy. Despite these unanswered questions, researchers have found that BHT does interfere in the course of lipid-enveloped viral diseases.

BHT-treated viruses are morphologically indistinguishable from controls but are defective in their ability to attach to the host cell.

Due to these early scientific findings, some individuals suffering with the herpes virus began an experimental trial taking BHT butylated hydroxytoluene. Inhibitory effect of essential oils against herpes simplex virus type 2.

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